Youth Boys Nighttime Bedwetting Wool Underwear Cover - Jack 3081

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A Mumtaz original - nighttime soft wool underwear for your little one. This upcycled fiber item is designed for keeping bed wetting contained.

These will keep his clothes dry, sheets dry, and keep you delighted by the outcome! Made with super soft, medium weight wool with soft coordinating elastics.

Why wool for bed wetting? Wool is initially water repellent and then becomes absorptive, able to hold 3X it's weight in moisture. Even when wet it is insulating, reducing the occurrence of your child waking up chilly and uncomfortably wet.

Wool underwear for incontinence work best over an absorptive layer such as a diaper, or with one of our Mumtaz Youth Incontinence Underwear depending on the need for moisture control. These are designed to accommodate thin absorptive underwear underneath.

Mumtaz wool underwear are ideal for children with sensitivities to other waterproofing like PUL. Items are lanolized and ready for wear!

* Sizes Available: see drop down menu
* Color: varies
* Material: (green) 100% wool; (blue) 70% lambswool, 20% angora, 10% nylon

Size 5T-6 - 40-50 lbs / 18-22.5 kg
Size 7-8 - 50-65 lbs / 22.5-30 kg
Size 9-10 - 65-80 lbs / 30-36 kg
Size 11-12 - 80-95 lbs / 36-43 kg

Since wool is a natural fiber, it has inherent anti-microbial properties and can be simply aired out in between changes. Some people go 2-3 weeks in between washing. Care of soakers includes hand washing in cool water after soiling, followed by laying flat to dry. Every so often the lanolin needs to be replenished in the wool.

All Mumtaz items are created from self-designed patterns. This upcycled item is one-of-a-kind! Since our recycled wool items are pre-washed, these undies are already lanolized and ready for wear.

Upcycled/recycled fiber items are made from previously used fiber and repurposed into original covers and underwear. Great care is taken to ensure this fiber is free from defects, holes, etc. To find other similar items in our store, see the Night and Wool Underwear section.

My recycled wool, fleece, and waterproof covers can be made in a variety of styles: wrap, traditional (triangular), and relaxed fit shorts (elastic legs). Upcycled Wool Undies are available in most colors and sizes (even adult), so please message me with your preferences. Custom orders welcomed!

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