Toddler Boys All Wool Crocheted Shortie Soaker, Diaper Cover - Wrangler 819

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A tightly woven, crocheted wool diaper cover in handsome denim and tan colors. Our custom soaker is designed to fit your baby longer, giving him room to grow. The savings on your pocketbook, and the landfills, is monumental with cloth diapers over disposables.

This wool is highly absorbent and suitable for day or nighttime use. These have a sturdy drawstring, and will withstand lots of activity and play. Shortie soakers in x-large are sized to fit over 4x8x4 cotton prefolds or comparably thick diapers.

* Size: X-LARGE - fits most 24-48 mos, depending on the type and thickness of cloth diaper
* Color: Wrangler
* Garment measures: rise 20", waist 18-22" (will stretch with use)
* Material: 100% wool

Available only in this size, sorry.

These soakers have excellent stretch, yet will tighten up again with occasional hand washing. With use and baby's activity, the material will begin to "felt" or become tighter and thicker, which only enhances its performance.

Since wool is a natural fiber, it has inherent anti-microbial properties and can be simply aired out in between changes. Some people go 2-3 weeks in between washing. Care of soakers includes hand washing in cool water after soiling, followed by laying flat to dry.

All Mumtaz Creations items are self-designed, and each cover is carefully hand-stitched. Our own baby wears this type of cover, so we can assure excellent products! Soakers can be lanolized free of charge before shipping, just make a note when you check out.

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Refunds and exchanges only for unwashed, unworn merchandise. Please measure your baby with a normal diaper on to ensure a good fit, and convo with any questions.

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