Super Absorbent Organic Bamboo Fleece with Zorb Diaper Doublers - Cloth Diapering Boost - 2357

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Thick, organic bamboo diaper doublers for all your cloth diapering needs. These super absorbent pads are made with ultra soft, organic bamboo fleece in natural color. This gentle fabric is plush against baby's bottom.

Bamboo fleece has a very gentle feel, even softer than velour. The inner lining is made of a non-toxic, hypoallergenic material that absorbs water 20X faster than cotton!

Designed to fit in pocket diapers or laid directly against baby's skin. Combined with your favorite cloth diaper, these doublers significantly increase the usage time of your diaper. And you'll have peace of mind knowing there are no harsh chemicals against your baby's tender skin.

These popular doublers are designed to boost your current cloth diapering system but not meant to function as stand alone inserts.

Size: 4-4 3/8" wide X 10" long
Materials: 70% bamboo, 28% organic cotton, zorb

Some recent feedback on our bamboo fleece doublers, "These are AWESOME. I paired one of these with my daughter's babykicks bamboo diaper and she woke up without any leaks! These are worth the wait!"

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Doublers are serged with extra duty thread for lasting durability. All Mumtaz diaper doublers are self-designed and baby-tested. Care recommendations include machine washing and drying with your other cloth diapers. While this fabric is pre-shrunk, washing in hot water may further shrink these items.

Not sure which fabric your baby prefers? Try our doubler variety pack! Simply enter "variety" in the search bar of my store. Available in larger quantities per your request.

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