Soft Flannel Reusable Baby Wipes or Unpaper Towels - Bundle of 10 - Natural Color 2841

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Tired of wasting money with disposable wipes, paper towels, and toilet paper? Our soft, all cotton baby wipes can save you money, and reduce your amount of household trash.

This set of 10 baby wipes can be used for cloth diapering and washed with your other supplies. Alternately they can be used by the entire family instead of regular paper products, often called "unpaper" towels. These are really soft!

* Size: 8.5" X 9.5" (22cm X 24 cm)
* Quantity : 10 pieces
* Materials: 100% cotton flannel

Sets Available: Red, Blue Fading, Natural, Pink, Magenta, Evergreen

Also available in white cotton with various colors of thread in a separate listing

Our Mumtaz baby wipes are made from USA cotton flannel that I brought with me when my family relocated to India. In order to combat the poverty here, I developed a small ladies co-op where I teach simple sewing skills. Children are given snacks, drinks, structure, and socialization while their mothers learn new skills in a safe, supportive environment.

Since most women in India get married in their high school years, their skill sets are limited. Learning to sew/stitch gives them a lifelong skill for employment. Our wipes are made by the co-op ladies under my supervision and tutelage. The women are in turn paid a fair wage, and all profits from Mumtaz wipes are returned locally to one of three orphanages in Hyderabad that we regularly support.

Mumtaz Wipes...being ethical across the world.