Pure Lanolin 2 Ounces - Wool Soakers, Nappies, Self Care, Nursing

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Lanolin is one of those natural wonders that our sheep friends graciously share with us. It is all natural, renewable, and functional in so many ways. Use it for soothing dry, chapped hands, aiding new nursing mothers, treating diaper rash, and/or for replenishing the lanolin in your wool cloth diapering garments. It also makes a great weather repellent for wool winter coats!

2 Ounces 100% Lanolin

When used as directed, lanolin replenishes the natural oils in wool garments. It serves as a water repellent, yet wool will act like a sponge to absorb moisture when saturated. This amount of lanolin will last 2-3 years by a cloth diapering family who re-lanolizes their soakers every few weeks. A little bit really goes a long way!

To use: melt 1 pea sized drop in a cup full of water by microwaving it one minute. Add to about 1 gallon of hot water in your sink. Swish wool garments in water for a couple minutes, wring and air dry. If your wool feels sticky, you may have used too much lanolin. If white spots appear on your fabric, the water was too cool to melt the lanolin completely.

This lanolin is comparable to Lansinoh Lanolin for Breastfeeding Mothers - retail $10.61 for 1.41 oz at Amazon.

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