PREMIUM - NEW COLOR Cotton Toddler Girls Training Underwear with Waterproof Pad - Bright Turquoise Hawaiian Theme - Hula Dance 3114

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Mumtaz designed toddler training pants for girls in an adorable hula themed print!

Our new premium design comes with 50% more absorbency than our original best-selling Mumtaz training underwear. More coverage, more confidence!

Mumtaz reusable trainers are an economical alternative to disposable pull-ups. They feel and fit like big kid underwear, removing that bulky diaper look.

Made with soft, stretchy cotton fabric that moves with your active toddler. Designed with an absorbent pad with waterproofed backing that contains about one pee. Mumtaz patent pending trainers help your child develop awareness of when she's wet, and confidence while wearing big girl undies. Great for running errands, daycare, and playing at home.

* Sizes Available: 18M, 2T, 3T
* Color: Hula Dance
* Materials: 95% cotton, 5% lycra, zorb

Feedback from a recent new customer on our training underwear, "My daughter loves feeling grown up, and I love not having messes at the grocery store. Wearing a diaper was really discouraging for her, and this is gorgeous and works great!"

All Mumtaz diaper products are self-designed and baby-tested. Care recommendations include machine washing and drying on cool with your normal laundry.

NEW SIZING CHART: 18M (20-27lbs / 9-12 kg), 2T (25-32lbs / 11.5-14.5 kg), 3T/4T (32-40lbs / 14.5-18 kg).

Larger sizes available in most colors - please see this listing for YOUTH sizes

Toddler training underwear from Mumtaz Soakers are available in bamboo, cotton, hemp, and organic cotton in many colors. See all your fabric choices at

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Happy eco-potty-training!