Gender Neutral Toddler Training Underwear with Waterproof Pad - Monkeys 3019

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Is your little monkey ready to say bye-bye to diapers?

Then don't miss our Mumtaz Creations designed toddler training underwear in this newest, cute gender neutral print. Made of soft, stretchy cotton, our trainers are perfect for transitioning to "big kid" undies. Bright, colorful, and inspiring for your little monkey.

Our new, premium design has 50% more absorbency than our original Mumtaz training underwear. More coverage, more confidence!

Mumtaz trainers are reusable and can replace disposable pull-ups saving your pocketbook and the landfills. Made with breathable, stretchy fabric because that formerly diaper clad bum deserves it. An absorbent pad with waterproofed backing lines the crotch, holding about one accident.

Cloth training underwear allow your child to feel when he wets, giving him awareness of this process. Our improved absorbency Mumtaz trainers give your potty training toddler confidence, and parents peace of mind in containing accidents while out and about.

* Sizes Available: 18M, 2T, 3T
* Color: Monkeys
* Materials: 95% cotton, 5% lycra, zorb

All Mumtaz diaper products are self-designed and baby-tested. Care recommendations include machine washing and drying on cool/cold with your normal laundry. Patented design. All fabrics are CPSIA certified free of lead and phthalates. Made in the USA with domestic materials.

NEW SIZING CHART: 18M (20-27lbs / 9-12 kg), 2T (25-32lbs / 11.5-14.5 kg), 3T/4T (32-40lbs / 14.5-18 kg). Pictured on a 30 lb/13.5 kg three year old in size 2T. It is not recommended to size up.

Print placement may vary from that shown in photos.

Recent feedback on Mumtaz training underwear: "We received these trainers and love them! They truly do look and feel like underwear but they contain accidents wonderfully. I bought several different kinds from various places not knowing what would work and what my daughter would prefer and these are one of the few that both she and I gravitate toward - me for effectiveness and her for comfort and cuteness! These are a must buy for any parent who is undergoing the trying world of potty training."

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Happy eco-potty-training!