Organic Bamboo Absorbent Underwear for Potty Learning - Nighttime Underwear - Toddler and Youth Sizes

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Absorbent, organic bamboo underwear for incontinence needs. Made with thick bamboo with an absorbent soaker pad in an underwear style for bigger kids who are opposed to 'diapers'. Terrific for nighttime bedwetting!

These underwear are incredibly soft! No waterproofing is added. Best combined with one of our pairs of wool underwear for a breathable, gentle nighttime plan.

Toddler 2T - 25-32 lbs
Toddler 3T/4T - 32-40 lbs
Youth 5T - 40-48 lbs
Youth 6-7, 48-55 lbs
Youth 8-9, 55-65 lbs
Youth 10-11, 65-80 lbs

Washing instructions - wash in cold only.