IN STOCK - Nighttime Waterproof YOUTH Bedwetting Underwear with Bamboo, Organic Cotton Soaker - Youth Boys

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Struggling with your child's bedwetting at night? We've created the perfect solution with our new waterproof youth nighttime pants. These reusable underwear are cost effective and a great alternative to disposable nighttime diapers.

Now made with 30% more absorbency!

Designed to fit like underwear, with the same stout diapering materials used in our baby products. Lined with super soft bamboo/organic cotton fleece, absorbent soaker pad, and an external shell of waterproof pul. Stretchy at the sides for easier on and off, even in the middle of the night.

* Size: Youth 5-6, 7-8, or 9-10
* Color: See Photos (one of each available)
* Materials: pul, 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, zorb

Due to high demand for our youth nighttime underwear, I'm trying to keep a few of these in stock. If you'd like to choose your own colors, please use this listing:

Youth 5-6, 40-50 lbs / 18-22.5 kg $29.95
Youth 7-8, 50-65 lbs / 22.5-30 kg $34.95
Youth 9-10, 65-80 lbs / 30-36 kg $39.95
Youth 11-12, 80-95 lbs / 36-41 kg $44.95
Adult S, 100-115 lbs / 45- 52 kg $51.95 (see Adult listing)

All Mumtaz diaper products are self-designed and performance-tested. Mumtaz trainers are patented. Care recommendations include machine washing and drying in cold, no bleach or softeners. May require extra drying time.

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