IN STOCK - Bamboo and/or Cotton Youth Incontinence Underwear with Waterproof Pad - Girls Colors Size 5T and 7 8 9

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Natural, comfortable, and discrete! Mumtaz designed girls incontinence underwear in your choice of colors. These undies are reusable and can replace disposable pull-ups saving your pocketbook and the landfills.

This high quality fabric is soft, breathable, and stretchy in order to move with your active little girl. An absorbent pad with waterproofed backing lines the crotch. The pad in youth sizes is larger to accommodate bigger kids. Great for little girls with medical and light incontinence issues.

Our new Premium style Mumtaz Underwear have 50% more absorbency!

Unlike commercial training pants, these will keep your child's clothes dry if she wets, and will contain about one accident. Designed to look and feel like 'real' undies, keeping your child's dignity in place when dealing with uncomfortable leaking issues.

Size 5T-6 - 40-50 lbs / 18-22.5 kg
Size 7-8 - 50-65 lbs / 22.5-30 kg
Size 9-10 - 65-80 lbs / 30-36 kg
Size 11-12 - 80-95 lbs / 36-43 kg

Due to popular demand, I've started trying to keep this size in stock. Yay! The second photo shows the in-stock colors in size 8. Please keep in mind that the tags may vary slightly i.e. some read "8", some "8/9", and some "7/8". All of these are indeed the same size...I just had a stumble with getting the correct tags from my supplier.

Priced individually. Colors listed are ready to ship. See the Trainers for Her section of our store for photos of specific colors. Stock photos used in this listing. In stock colors vary per month, so photos may not be color specific.

Mumtaz Youth Underwear are made in either bamboo, cotton, hemp, or organic cotton in various colors. See all color choices at

All Mumtaz diaper products are self-designed and baby-tested. Care recommendations include machine washing and drying on cool with your normal laundry.

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