Hand Painted Merino Wool Crocheted Baby Girls Longie Soakers - 3-12 months - Romance 677

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There's romance in the air! These beautifully hand-painted (dyed) soakers are crafted from ultra soft merino wool. Vibrant purple, rose, and magenta are a perfect color combination for your little gal. She'll love how soft these feel against her skin, and Mommy will love how functional they are over cloth diapers.

These covers can be worn as pants year round too, as wool is breathable and keeps your baby warm in the winter and cool in summer. Wool is also highly absorbent (holding up to 30% of its weight).

The Romance cover has a slight flare at the ankles and a ruffled waistline. Cut wide at the hips, you'll have room for bulkier cloth diapers. This Mumtaz original is available only in this size.

* Size: MEDIUM - fits most 3-12 mos, depending on the type and thickness of cloth diaper
* Color: Romance
* Garment measures 15" hips, 13" rise and 7" inseam (will stretch with use)
* Material: 100% hand-painted merino wool

These soakers have excellent stretch, yet will tighten up again with occasional hand washing. Since wool is a natural fiber, it has inherent anti-microbial properties and can be simply aired out in between changes. Some people go 2-3 weeks in between washing. Care of soakers includes hand washing in cool water after soiling, followed by laying flat to dry.

All Mumtaz products are carefully hand-stitched with expertise. As a cloth diapering family, we understand the dynamics of each yarn used and how it functions in the end product.

Soakers can be lanolized free of charge before shipping, just make a note when you check out.

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