Girls Black Recycled Wool Longie Soaker Pants, Cloth Diaper Cover - Medium 6-12 mos - Classy Cathy 1525

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Uniquely created soaker pants for your infant girl. Made of durable wool, this cute cover is dressy and functional! This solid black with white piping is super classy!

These baggy style soakers can be used as regular pants over a disposable or cloth diaper. They're medium-heavy weight and ideal for day or nighttime use. The leg cuffs can be extended as your baby grows.

Classy Cathy is lightly felted and has minimal stretch. Makes for a durable soaker for crawling babes. This solid color is great for matching many of your little girl's tops and dresses. An elasticized waist with decorative buttons ensures a comfy fit. All seams are professionally stretch stitched for lasting wear.

* Size: MEDIUM - fits most 6-12 mos. depending on the type and thickness of cloth diaper
* Color: Classy Cathy
* Garment measures: inseam 7.5-8.5", rise 18", waist 16-19"
* Material: recycled 100% wool

Since wool is a natural fiber, it has inherent anti-microbial properties and can be simply aired out in between changes. Some people go 2-3 weeks in between washing. Care of soakers includes hand washing in cool water after soiling, followed by laying flat to dry.

All Mumtaz items are created from self-designed patterns. This upcycled longie is one-of-a-kind! Since our recycled wool items are washed, they have been re-lanolized and are ready to wear.

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