Custom Designed, Hand-Dyed, Toddler Boys Wool Wrap Soaker, Diaper Cover - Size Large - Sunnyside 382

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Handmade crocheted soaker diaper cover made of hand-painted (dyed) wool. The Sunnyside wrap incorporates handsome shades of cocoa brown, sunset red, and deep mustard yellow.

This is our custom wrap design which folds up in the same manner as a disposable. One of the many benefits of this Mumtaz design is that the waist expands and thus fits your baby for longer. No need to worry about skinny legs or chubby legs, these fit the whole range!

The textured wool used for this soaker is great for moisture control, and stretches with use. The Sunnyside wrap has a loop & tie closure system on the front flap to keep the soaker secure. Please contact us for smaller size availability prior to purchase.

* Size: LARGE - fits most 12 to 30 mos. depending on the type and thickness of cloth diaper.
* Color: Sunnyside - brown, red, and yellow
* Garment measures roughly 18" in rise, fits waist 17-23" (unstretched)
* Material: 100% hand-painted wool

Since wool is a natural fiber, it has inherent anti-microbial properties and can be simply aired out in between changes. Some people go 2-3 weeks in between washing.

Care of soakers includes hand washing in cool water after soiling, followed by laying flat to dry. Instructions on how to care for soakers are included with each purchase. Soakers can be lanolized free of charge before shipping, just make a note when you check out.

At Mumtaz Creations, our patterns are designed by us and all items are carefully hand-stitched for the highest quality. We are a cloth diapering family, so feel free to message if you have any questions about our soakers.

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Refunds only for unwashed, unworn merchandise. Thanks!

Design Copyrighted by Mumtaz Creations 2009