Variety Pack - Bamboo and Cotton Toddler Training Underwear with Waterproof Pad - Boys Set of 15 - Multiple Colors

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Ready to start potty training? This set of 15 Mumtaz designed toddler training underwear for little boys will get you through the week without having to do laundry every day. This is the lowest price available on our popular trainers - a great way to stock up!

Mumtaz Toddler Trainers are reusable and can replace disposable pull-ups saving your pocketbook and the landfills. Made with breathable, stretchy fabric because that formerly diaper clad bum deserves it. Sleek, comfy, and worry free. An absorbent pad with waterproofed backing lines the crotch.

Unlike commercial cotton training pants, these will keep your child's clothes dry if he wets, and will contain about one accident. This newest Mumtaz design gives your potty training toddler confidence, awareness, and parents peace of mind in containing accidents while out and about.

* Size Available: 18M (20-28 lbs/9-12.5 kg) or 2T (25-35 lbs/11.5-15.5 kg)
* Colors: Variety
* Materials: varies by style

***This Variety Pack includes 15 unique boy colors, but will not be exactly those pictured. Colors are not customizable. To choose your colors please see the 6 pack listing in the Trainers for Him section of our store.***

All Mumtaz diaper products are self-designed and baby-tested. Care recommendations include machine washing and drying on cool with your normal laundry.

Toddler training underwear from Mumtaz Soakers are available in bamboo, cotton, hemp, and organic cotton in many colors. Colors for this set can be chosen from those listed in the Trainers Section. To design your own, or see all options go to

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Happy eco-potty-training!