IN STOCK - Nighttime Waterproof Toddler Girls Training Pants with Bamboo, Organic Cotton Soaker - Size 3T Girls - Choose One Color

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Tired of throwing away pull-ups every morning? Mumtaz Creations is pleased to introduce you to cloth potty learning.

A natural cloth lining helps the child's body to recognize when they're wet, which disposable pull-ups can disguise and prolong night wetting.

These popular Nighttime Trainers are made with plush bamboo for the best in absorbency. Bamboo is 4x more absorbent than cotton, and I use American made, eco-friendly bamboo fabric for these trainers.

Designed especially for those "big girls" who don't want to wear a diaper at night anymore. These fit like underwear, with the same stout diapering materials used in our baby products. Lined with super soft bamboo/organic cotton fleece, absorbent soaker pad, and an external shell of waterproof pul. Stretchy at the sides so little ones can easily pull their new undies on and off.

These are terrific for beginning potty trainers any time of the day as well.

* Size: 3T/4T (32 - 40 lbs / 14.5 - 18 kg)
* Colors Available: See Drop Down Menu
* Materials: pul, 70% bamboo/30% organic cotton, zorb

For custom color orders please use this listing:

NEW SIZING CHART: 18M (20-27lbs / 9-12 kg), 2T (25-32lbs / 11.5-14.5 kg), 3T/4T (32-40lbs / 14.5-18 kg). Larger sizes available in the Night and Wool Trainers section of our store.

*** In-stock colors vary and may not be available at a later date. ***

All Mumtaz diaper products are self-designed and baby-tested. Mumtaz trainers are patent pending. Care recommendations include machine washing and drying on any temperature, no bleach or softeners.

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