Super Absorbent Organic Bamboo Fleece with Zorb ADULT Diaper Inserts - Extra Long 3027

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Adult sized organic bamboo diaper inserts for all your cloth diapering needs. These are a great replacement for non-performing microfleece or basic cotton prefolds. Sold individually.

Our Mumtaz super absorbent inserts are made with ultra soft, organic bamboo fleece in natural, unbleached color. This gentle, premium grade fabric is plush against the bottom.

Bamboo fleece has a very gentle feel, even softer than velour. The inner, double thick lining is made of a non-toxic, hypoallergenic material that absorbs water 20X faster than cotton!

Size: 9" wide X 21" long
Materials: 70% bamboo, 28% organic cotton, zorb

All Mumtaz diapering items are self-designed and baby-tested. Made with CPSIA compliant materials, certified to be free of chemicals for baby and child use. Care recommendations include machine washing in cold the first few times to prevent shrinkage.

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